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3.0 Fr. Rohr’s Blessing of a Homosexual Union  
3.1 a.   April 3, 1997: “Is It Too Late to Sack Them?Wanderer October 1996: Fathers Rohr & Robinson hold a homosexual commitment ceremony at CAC for Center’s co-director, Wendy Corry.
  b.   June 27-29, 1997: CAC retreat “Coming Out, Coming Home” tape.  Excerpt of Wendy Corry discussing her commitment ceremony at CAC.    
  c.   12-97/1-98 Radical Grace: Tapes of the “Coming Out, Coming Home” retreat were advertised for sale.  
3.2 October – December 2001 Radical Grace:  Richard Rohr, “On the Horns of a Dilemma: Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality.” Rohr writes, four years after the CAC commitment ceremony:  “Without wanting to take sides here on this immensely divisive issue, one must admit that the mainline Christian position held by most of the churches against same sex marriage, with the exception of the United Church of Christ, creates a situation that in effect encourages the very promiscuity that it rightly condemns.”  (“On the Horns of a Dilemma: Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality,” Radical Grace, 10-12/01)
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